Born in Skopje, Marjan Stojanovic – Maci is a DJ from the second generation Macedonian techno DJs. His work as a DJ starts by the end of the 90’ performing in all major clubs throughout the country, as well as in the neighbouring countries like Serbia, Albania and Bulgaria.

Constantly renewing his music, as well as his approach towards the music, in his sets he shows a wide spectrum of genres moving from „deep house” to “funky techno” sets.

His sets are dynamic, continually engaging the crowd with an exceptional sense to accentuate the flow of momentum in the club he is playing.

His choice in music and his strategies as a DJ for tailoring his music have sculptured him as a unique artist expressing his own voice. He finds inspiration and music everywhere, which is shown in his eclectic sets, however, he continually goes back to the history of house music, and to the Chicago scene for most of his house music.

He effortlessly navigates through his sets, spinning great music that creates an environment of comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment for people, regardless of the setting.

In his career he has played alongside the world famous DJs and producers like Derrick May, Los Hermanos, Juan Atkins, Santiago Salazar, Kenny Larking, Deetron, Mark Flash, Underground Resistance and many more.