DJ, and live percussionist Niki4 ranks as royalty in the Mashup’s and dance community. He first started drumming at a very young age following his father footsteps. Than later after moving to the United States in 2002 he started to look upon a new career as a DJ.

In 2007 DJ Niki4 was a new and upcoming world renown DJ. At only 18 years of age he was playing at some of the top clubs in NYC and surroundings.

In 2011 he had his first Eastern European tour covering some of the top clubs in: Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.

In 2012 DJ Niki4 signed one of his biggest contracts with boxing promotion company Main Events. He later becomes the DJ for 3 of world boxing champions “Zab Super Judah; Tomasz Adamek; & Sergey Kovalev” where they took DJ Niki4 skills to Las Vegas to DJ during their events at venues like sold out MGM Arena of 16,000 people in attendance plus live on HBO PPV.

In February of 2017 Niki4 had another tour lined up on the schedule this time he took his skills to the beautiful and sunny Caribbean island Antigua & Barbuda. . .